As one of this country’s leading manufacturers of security equipment Babcock plays an important part in protecting the UK. Working with our digital partner MyOxygen we helped them to sketch out a digital future.

42group helped to design and deliver a series of workshops involving staff from a variety of defence, security and maritime fields. Working in partnership with mobile software experts at MyOxygen we designed and delivered a series of sessions covering all aspects of mobile landscape.

The series of all-day events brought together those on the ground and those from the boardroom to discuss and debate how the organisation could safely and securely embrace mobile technology.

42group brought structure and strategy to the session, helping those in the room to explore ideas in a supportive and constructive environment.

At the end of the session we produced a joint report with MyOxygen which was presented to the board at Babcock who enthusiastically received it.

We can’t tell you what’s in the report or what’s planned, but in Babcock, the UK has a bright future in which mobile technology will play a key part.






June 10, 2016

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