In 2015 Lush Cosmetics awarded its Black Box Award recognising a major breakthrough in developing alternatives to animal testing. 42group helped to translate cutting-edge science to cutting-edge content.

Since 2011, The Lush Prize has rewarded the work of scientists, lobbyists and researchers who contribute to the fight against animal testing. The biggest prize is their Black Box Award – given to any researcher that has helped make significant progress in developing human toxicology pathways.

The hope is that the superior molecular science being developed will replace the old, imprecise and controversial technology of testing on animals in laboratories. It’s a huge honour – and comes with an equally huge prize of £250,000.

In 2015 Lush was able to make this award for the first time – and they asked 42group to help them promote it.

42group helped Lush and their partner the Ethical Consumer translate the complex science behind the award to a simple and clear proposition that worked for PR, digital and print content.

Gaining coverage across the world, the prize marks a massive step toward a world where animal testing is ended. Possibly the best thing about it was that the award was given by rock legend and passionate advocate for animal rights Brian May.

Whatever your views on animal testing, we loved working with a principled brand like Lush and can’t wait to see what the research behind the Black Box Award could inspire.


Lush Cosmetics

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July 1, 2016

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