How 42group creates SEO content

Now, we’re not going to give away all our trade secrets here. But we are building a huge resource to show you how to create great content, and it all starts with an SEO content strategy.

We’ve become the number 1 SEO content agency partner because we have a tried and tested process for creating successful and impactful content. Here are some of the stages we work through:

  • Content strategy is about identifying opportunities that others are missing, so we’ll sift through your data to find them. Avoiding high-competition keywords doesn’t mean we’re not focusing on boosting your business for the future.
  • Every piece of content is written by an experienced SEO writer who works under our supervision. We don’t outsource content, use content mills, or untrained writers.
  • We QC and MC all content. That means quality control and machine check. Yes, we check EVERY piece of content for AI – and will share the results with you. It’s total transparency for every piece of content.
  • We optimise content when it’s on the site. We don’t just send and forget, we’ll work through your content and update it (if requested) to keep it relevant and delivering in SERPs.
  • We get results. That’s the bottom line, our content boosts rankings and builds brands.

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