42group in the news #2

At 42group we’re a leading Bristol marketing agency that specialises in creating content, communications and marketing materials for businesses, brands, organisations and individuals.

As an agency we’re happy to speak to journalists about any issue that we can add value. We understand why it’s important because we’re journalists too.

Take a look at how 42group has appeared in the press. If you’re a journalist then don’t be afraid to ask for a comment or an interview if you would like one.

Brands need to master storytelling or risk becoming irrelevant
Virgin Disruptors Blog, 28 March 2017

In business, your brand is everything. Over the past few months we’ve contributed to articles to Virgin Disruptors, a hub of creative news and content curated by one of the strongest brands out there.

We answered some questions on the power of branding, and the need to go beyond the aesthetic, creating an entire world that your customers can buy into.

You can read our insightful advice for Virgin here.

How to keep your customers happy as an SME
Daily Telegraph, 9 February 2017.

Keeping your customers engaged and involved in your work is a key part of maintaining a positive and productive relationship. Email fatigue is common, and who uses the phone these days? We like to use technology (and have written about it in the past).

Here’s what 42group had to say to the Daily Telegraph earlier this year about how SMEs can use technology to stay connected with their customers.

Creative industries are ‘Weathering the Brexit storm’
Poundsterlinglive.com, 1 February 2017

We don’t just work for UK companies, in fact we work with businesses and organisations from across Europe, the Middle East and the USA. It’s inevitable that the uncertainty caused by Brexit will have an impact on confidence- we’ve lost two contracts directly as a result of the vote last June – but life has to go on. As a small, but flexible, agency we’re able to manage, scaling as we need to.

We were happy to speak to Poundsterlinglive about what Brexit means for us in an in-depth feature.

Once more with feeling: why brands need purpose in a post-truth world
The Drum, 26 January 2017

Our work with Lush Cosmetics was a highlight of our first year, and gained the interest of a journalist at marketing journal The Drum. We answered a lot of questions about the concept of ‘compassionate capitalism’ – making money while maintaining a strong ethical stance. It’s a privilege to be featured, particularly for our work on such a great account.

Take a look at what we had to say here. (And make sure you read the rest of the article because it’s genuinely fascinating).

Are local governments doing enough to support entrepreneurs?
Virgin Disruptors Blog,  10 January 2017

Local government often gets a bad press, but having first hand experience of what it’s like to walk the dusty halls of the Council House and have to deal with the mountains of negative publicity on a daily basis, we weren’t about to heap more on top.

We had productive chat with the guys at Virgin Disruptors about how local governments could support SMEs. Making it easier for small businesses to compete for contracts and providing incubation space for start-ups are hardly revolutionary suggestions, but they work.

See if our view of local government support is the same as yours.

Common misconceptions about life at a start-up
Tech City News and the Cisco Blog, 21 December 2016

We love a good chat on social media, and when we were asked about common misconceptions of life at a start-up we had to respond. People imagine we’re all sat around playing on expensive Macs, sipping on a single-origin flat white and planning out our next ping-pong tournament.

Sadly, that’s not the case. We spoke to Tech City News, but the story also found its way to the UK & Ireland Cisco Blog too.

42group is a leading Bristol marketing agency that helps business, brands, organisations and individuals to tell their stories. We also aren’t afraid to share our insights either.

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