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42group is a leading content, communications and marketing agency in Bristol that helps organisations to tell their story. We also aren’t afraid to share insights of our own, either.

At 42group we don’t just help to make the news, we contribute to it too. We’re happy to speak to journalists about any issue that we can add value. We understand why it’s important because we’re journalists too.

Take a look at 42group in the press, and don’t be afraid to ask for a comment or an interview if you would like one.

Samsung SOS: Can the brand come back strong after Note 7 PR disaster?
Sputnik News International, 27 October 2016

Sputnik News is one of the world’s fastest growing news outlets, so when we were asked to provide an outline of how we would help tech giant Samsung manage a crisis, we were happy to help.

This Russian-owned outlet may be read by millions of people, but it doesn’t stop them making an error every now and again. Our advice is solid, to the point and clear – we will see if Samsung follows it.

You can read our insightful advice for Samsung here.

What entrepreneurs want from the self-employment revolution
The Guardian, 6 October 2016

The curse of late payment is one that affects the small business more than any other. In fact, 10% of all small businesses wait more than 90 days to be paid for their work – and 42group is no different. A lack of liquidity can cripple a business, so we wanted to help share our advice on how to avoid it.

Here’s what 42group to say to Guardian Small Business on the issue earlier this year.

Five easy ways to cut your business energy bills and increase profits
Businesszone.co.uk, 3 October 2016

Working in an energy efficient office space at Paintworks has helped us as an agency to tackle costs. We are also a progressive employer, and believe in trusting those who work with us to do the job they’re paid for.

We were happy to speak to Businesszone.co.uk about energy efficiency here.

Running a business on a 20-hour week
NatWest Small Business Advice, September 2016

It’s a little known fact that our MD used to work on a management training scheme for high-street bigboys NatWest Bank. If you buy him a beer he may tell you why he left as well (it’s a very funny story).

We like to share our advice with entrepreneurs so we were delighted to be asked by NatWest to share a bit about how to manage a business flexibly.

You can see here if a 20-hour week would work for you too… (If only!).

Funerals for failed startups
The Guardian, 29 July 2016

When we started 42group we went through a process of understanding what we were going to offer the market, and spent some time exploring our strengths and weaknesses as an agency and as individuals.

It wasn’t three individuals crying in a darkened room, but a positive process that helped us to focus on what mattered to us, and to our clients. We seem to be getting things right so far.

Seems we weren’t the only ones too, after we spoke to the Guardian Small Business network in the middle of this summer.

42group is a leading agency that helps organisation to tell their stories. We also aren’t afraid to share our insights either.

We work with science, technology and healthcare clients to help them develop, design and deliver marketing, communications and content  campaigns that make a difference. If you’d like to chat about how we can help you tell your story, contact us today.