5 tips for a better brief

The quality of our work (and any agency that you work with) directly flows from the quality of the brief. The better the brief, the better the project. Here are five tips to help you craft a better creative brief, and get the most from your agency.

It might sound simple, but there’s more to the brief than a piece of paper, it’s about developing the ground rule for a strong and productive relationship.

At 42group it’s our job to take your ideas and aspirations and translate them into action. Everything starts with a creative brief.

The creative brief is a simple document. It can be a few paragraphs, or a few pages, but the principle is the same. Within the brief you outline your key messages, clarify your core audience, define your chosen mediums and detail your budget.

Here is how to get your creative brief right first time.

  1. Solid structure

Your creative brief should be short and to the point. It should have a logical structure that’s easy for your agency to follow. Every project – like every client – is slightly different, so be creative with your brief – but make sure that your agency is clear about what you want to achieve.

When creating your brief understand that a brief is more than a list of deliverables, it sets out the terms of your relationship with your agency.

If you want to chat through how to create a structure for your creative brief, then get in contact and we can send you ours.

  1. Be realistic

We all want to be top of Google, our videos to go viral or to create a campaign of such incredible originality, wit and influence that we win awards all over the world, but it may not actually happen.


If you work with a good and honest marketing agency (like 42group) then they will tell you if what you want is what you’ll get. It’s important that you and your agency are honest about what’s achieveable in the marketplace and with the resources you have available.

Which very quickly leads is on to the next point which is….

  1. Be clear on budget

British people don’t like talking about money (in fact it may be the last taboo), but when it comes to your creative brief you need to overcome this and just get straight to the point.

Tell us what you have, what you want to achieve with it and we can have an informed, honest and adult conversation.

Without a clear budget, you brief is only partially complete.

  1. Follow up with a call

If you have gone to the effort of creating a brief, then make sure that your agency knows what you mean. Basically, make sure you follow up with a call and a chat or a meeting with your agency to discuss the brief. We love our clients, so we love to chat.

This clarification establishes a culture of openness and honesty between the two partners. It’s the way every working relationship should be, and is a core part of our approach at 42group.

  1. Have a little faith

A comprehensive brief is great, but be careful to ensure that it’s not constraining. You may have already come up with a great creative idea for the project, or have some solid ideas, but you need to have a little faith and give a little freedom to your chosen agency.

The freedom to question is where creativity happens

42group is a leading Bristol marketing agency that helps business, brands, organisations and individuals to tell their stories. We also aren’t afraid to share our insights either, and we love to get our teeth into a meaty creative brief.

We work with clients big and small to help them develop, design and deliver marketing, communications and content campaigns that make a difference. If you’d like to chat about how we can help you tell your story, contact us today.