5 tips for more effective charity marketing

While every organisation is different, here are some top tips based on our years of experience of promoting charities…

When it comes to promoting good causes, we’ve been there and done that a thousand times. Here are five things that we’ve learned…

Engage with those who use it

A lot of charity campaigns focus on the person whose attention they are trying to gain – the people they are asking for donations from, or their stakeholders. What they sometimes forget are the people who use the charity’s services – the beneficiaries.

Who better to tell the story of what a huge difference your organisation makes than those who use it? It can also be hugely empowering for those on the receiving end to give something back and help raise awareness of the cause. While it needs to be done sensitively, using the beneficiaries of your charity to help steer the creative process can help to deliver your message in a unique and effective way.

Do it with feeling

Emotional impact is key when getting across a charity’s message – there are all sorts of rational reasons for people to engage with you, but to really capture their attention you have to make them feel something.

Statistics help hammer your point home, but telling people how the problem you are solving feels for the people affected is what will ultimately influence their decision to help you.

Don’t over sentimentalise

While emotion is important, nobody wants a super saccharine version of events – it can come across as insincere at best or at worst, trite and cynical. A simple message, delivered in an honest way should be enough.

Embrace cultural innovation

Your message is serious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with how you deliver it. Charity campaigns don’t have to be all about harrowing case studies and scary statistics.

Borrowing from popular culture and what people are doing on social media can be an effective way of describing how what you do fits into people’s lives. Finding novel ways of telling your story will make you stand out from the crowd.

Focus on the outcomes

In the charity sector there’s a lot of talk about ‘raising awareness’, but awareness is a difficult thing to measure and says little about how effective your organisation has been.

When crafting a campaign, we try to focus our clients’ minds on what it is they want people to do after they have seen their message. Do you want them to give you a call? Or seek help online? Is there a page where they can donate? Finding ways to direct people’s responses and track them is essential.

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