Welcome to 42group

The world is full of marketing and content agencies, so why bother creating a new one? 42group Managing Director, Lawrie Jones explains…

As a journalist, I was lucky enough to speak to a lot of fascinating people. Almost everyone you chat to will have something interesting to say (you wouldn’t be speaking to them if they didn’t, of course), but it’s fair to say that some were more interesting than others.

While working on an article about whether consumer technology should be fixable, I was lucky enough to speak to serial-entrepreneur James Dyson about the approach he and his business takes to developing new innovations.

We spoke at length about the subject matter, the exciting new life changing tech he was working on and his plans for the business.

Interviews allow you to get beyond the transactional, getting a glimpse of the real person beyond the subject matter. In the end, the discussion led us to talk about his journey to becoming one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

One thing that stuck with me was how he described his frustration when things – in this case his vacuum cleaner – just didn’t live up to expectations. It was this disappointment that led him to take a new approach, try something different and make a change.

His pragmatic approach was that if things don’t perform, question them and change them. According to Dyson this approach is shared by those within his business, becoming a philosophy that they live by.

Dusting off my old notebook, I found the quote.

“Together we overcome everyday frustrations by trying out new ways. Quite often we make mistakes along the way, but we learn from these mistakes.”

When we created 42group we wanted to create an agency that embodied this spirit.

Working with professionals shouldn’t be difficult or frustrating. You should get the results you want. You should expect innovation and fresh ideas.

Now, it would be somewhat ambitious to aim for the success achieved by Dyson (for one none of us here have any idea how to build vacuum cleaners), but we can embody the same spirit.

Our aim with 42group is simply to create an integrated marketing and communications agency that delivers for its clients. But more than that, we want to explore new ideas, new approaches and exciting ways to do things.

We already have an impressive client list and a history among our staff of doing great work, but past performance is no guarantee of future success. Every job we take on we aim to innovate. We want to continually challenge our customers and rise beyond average to the exceptional.

This isn’t just enthusiasm, it’s backed up with solid experience and an expert grasp of the fundamentals essential to successful communications and campaigns.

We work with scientists a lot and know that sometimes it’s easier to illustrate a concept with an equation, so here’s ours:

Insight x experience x the answer to everything = 42.

That’s our philosophy.

And if you’re interested, you can read the full article here.