Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

We’re just about to move into our new offices at Paintworks. Bristol is in our hearts.

As a content marketing and creative agency we get to work with some incredible clients from across the UK, but we’re especially proud of the work we are doing in Bristol.

We love the city, and are pretty chuffed that our work is helping businesses, organisations, charities,  and sportspeople make their mark not just locally, but nationally too.

Cycling is a passion for some of us here, which is why we are delighted to work with the Bristol Grand Prix. The city centre race is fast, exciting and very tough.

Our role is to help give the Bristol GP a voice in an increasingly crowded space. We manage all PR, social media and communications before, during and after the event, ensuring that the hundreds of riders and thousands of spectators have a day to remember.

Arriving slightly faster to meetings at our office is Bristol race ace Dino Zamparelli. This young man is currently locked in a battle to win the Porsche Carrera GP Cup championship.

Our 42group content experts work with Dino to provide PR advice, ongoing communication support and basically helping him to keep his focus on winning races. It’s something he’s very good at.

We don’t just do the flashy stuff, we love to get involved in causes that are close to our heart too – and dementia is certainly one of those. We’ve been working with the Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service since this incredible organisation was created.

The Wellbeing Service is a partnership between Alzheimer’s Society and Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Over the past year we have built the service’s website, created all promotional material and even helped them to organise a celebration event creating animations, presentations and printed material. In a small way we’re helping the service to make a difference to those people with dementia, and there’s no better reward for our work than that.

These are just some of those we work with, but there are loads more. Whether it’s the health service, research agencies or cutting edge tech companies, our content solutions are making a difference and having an impact.

We make the most of our time in this fair city. It’s one of the reasons why we’re one of the fastest growing content agencies in Bristol. The city is vibrant, exciting and always challenging – and it’s the same approach we have as an agency.

But don’t worry if you’re not in Bristol, we work with clients from across the UK and Europe.

If you’ve never been to Bristol before, it’s amazing. We love it, and we’re sure that you will too. If you do come, give us a shout and we’ll take you on a trip of some of our favourite places.