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Searching for a Bristol content agency to partner on your project? We’re not going to lie to you; we’re the number one choice for agencies, businesses, and organisations that want a content partner they can trust. Why? Because we deliver exceptional content that builds human connections.

How? We’re going to explain how 42group works and why we’re Bristol’s best content agency. Instead of creating a dull landing page, we’re going to walk you through what content marketing is, our approach to content marketing, and how it can boost your business (but only if it’s done properly).

TLDR: If you want a quote for a content project, you can contact us here. If you want to know more about how we work, read on…

Who is 42group?

42group is a content agency that’s reassuringly old-school in its approach. We started as journalists and have maintained the commitment to exceptional quality content as we’ve shifted our focus from magazines to content.

Today, we provide content marketing services for businesses across the world, including some of the biggest brands around (like Google, Deloitte, Pfizer, Monster, BCG, and Shopify). We also work with some of the most exciting high-growth SaaS businesses and small businesses that are willing to invest in quality content.

We’re based in Bristol, live in the city, and won’t be moving anytime soon. However, we operate as a virtual business, which means we create remote teams, enabling us to deliver projects to organisations across the world.

But if you fancy a coffee (or something stronger) in the city, we’re always around for a meeting.

42group’s content marketing services

Great question. We’re a content marketing agency that can provide a comprehensive range of content services, including:

    • Customer analysis – Customer-first content is based on a detailed understanding of who your customers are, their needs, preferences, and preferred content channels.

    • Competitor content audits – We’ll dig into what your customers are doing, establishing industry best-practice and benchmarking. Learning from your customers is critical, but copying them is not – so we’ll use the lessons we learn to develop an original strategy that’s built around your business.

    • Content strategy – Individual pieces of content are OK, but the real power is in developing a content strategy – and we can lead the process for you. Working together, we can create a content strategy that delivers your business objectives.

    • Keyword analysis – If you’re serious about SEO, you’ll need to understand what your customers are searching for. Our Google partner experts can provide keyword analysis in an easy-to-read report that can inspire your strategy.

    • Content creation – This is where the magic happens! 42group’s Bristol writing team can deliver all your content requirements. We don’t just pad out the word count, but create customer-first content that inspires your readers.

    • Content management – Content creation needs close project management, ensuring the words you need are delivered in the correct format, and

    • At-scale content delivery (50+ pieces per month) – Want to smash SEO? You need content at scale. That means large amounts of keyword-optimised and customer-focused content that’s all written by experts. The answer? 42.

    • Content editing – Every business should invest in editing. We can edit content that you’ve created before it’s published or optimise existing content to increase relevance, value, and SEO impact.

    • AI-content support (ChatGPT & others) – We don’t use AI to generate content, but if you want to, we can help. How? By explaining how it can be safely integrated into your existing content management processes.

    • Page titles & meta tags – So few content characters mean so much… Our Google-approved experts can create short, targeted, and effective page titles and meta tags.

What’s customer-first content?

We focus on creating customer-first content. What’s that? It’s about ensuring that everything that you create is 100% focused on your customers.

Of course, we have established a strong style and have developed processes to support us – but everything we do is about building human connections.

How does this translate to content? We’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to create blogs, whitepapers, reports, publications and much more that deliver value to readers. In the end, every piece of content should have a clear purpose – whether that’s boosting your brands, increasing your SERPs performance, inspiring new customers, or increasing sales.

Companies that take their customers for granted are destined to fail. Don’t fall into this trap. Use content to engage your customers directly, respond to their pain points, and provide solutions.

In our blog, you can find a series of guides to help you understand what content is and how you can use it to boost your business.

Do you need content?

Then what are you waiting for? 42group is undoubtedly Bristol’s best content marketing agency (if we do say so ourselves). We’ve got content writers ready and waiting to answer your email and get to work…

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Bristol content agency FAQs

Got questions about what a content agency does and the impact it can have? We’ve answered them below because that’s the kind of people we are…

Why should I work with a content marketing agency?

Are you confident creating customer-first content? If you are, then don’t work with an agency. If you aren’t then contact us. It’s that simple. We’re career-specialist content marketers. Connecting you to customers through content is what we do – and we’re very good at it. Check out some of the people we work with.

What does a content agency do?

Great question. Content agencies essentially deliver written content for your business. That could be as little as a single blog and as much as a comprehensive SEO content strategy that includes hundreds of blog posts. We do it all.

You can learn about our content marketing services on our dedicated page, but to save you a click, we can help you with:

We do all this with a smile and a friendly attitude you won’t get with other content agencies. (Trust us, we’ve worked with most of them and we’re much nicer.)

How can I tell if a content agency’s approach will work for me?

Every content agency should have a great website which provides a compelling offer. (If not, they’re in the wrong business!)

When selecting a content agency, we recommend you speak to them and learn about their approach. Here are five things to ask yourself:

  1. Do they care about you and your customers?
  2. Do they genuinely want to get to know you and deliver a solution that’s built around you?
  3. Do they have proven experience in delivering quality content?
  4. Are they trusted by the world’s biggest brands to create content?
  5. Would you go to the pub and have a drink with them?

Work with 42group, and you can answer yes to every question, of course. You’ll want your content agency to integrate into your processes and contribute value at every stage. If they’re not doing this, then look elsewhere.

Do you create SEO content?

SEO is such a critical part of any business growth plan and a core part of our business. 42group is a leader in SEO content, developing high-quality blogs that are built around your customers.

Naturally, we can manage the content creation process, but we’re also able to support with SEO content strategy. This includes audience segmentation, keyword identification, titles and tags, content optimisation, editing, and even posting.

The short answer is: Yes, we can create SEO content for your business.

I need help developing a content marketing strategy. Can you help?

Content strategy is where everything starts. We’ve created, implemented, and analysed our fair share of content strategies and can help you create one.

However, this isn’t the time or place to go into that, but thankfully, we’ve created a guide on how to create an SEO content strategy.

Are you a Bristol SEO agency?

No. We’re a content marketing and copywriting agency. While we do create SEO content, we don’t provide the technical SEO support that you might need. We don’t do speed optimisation or any of the technical stuff, but we can recommend some technical SEO experts in Bristol or specialist SEO agencies.

Should I work with a content agency?

If you’ve got the in-house skills, capacity, and confidence to create exceptional quality content, then do it yourself. It’s cheaper and easier. You’re the subject matter experts.

We’ve produced a series of guides that can help you learn how to create SEO-optimised, professionally structured, customer-first content on our blog page.

Can I get my SEO company to produce content?

SEO agencies are technical experts, but they’re not content specialists. Outsourcing content creation to your SEO agency can lead to poor-quality, keyword-stuffed content that could damage your business. In the worst cases, your agency may use cut-price content mills or even AI to create content. This could irreparably harm your site and should be avoided at all costs.

Basically, don’t work with your SEO agency to create content, use a specialist agency instead.

Is this a crude attempt to gain a Google ranking as a Bristol content agency?

No. We know that customers are searching for local agencies, so we’re creating pages to help you. You’re grown-ups and know how some agencies use these pages to game the system. But we’re better than that (

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