4 ways to use AI in healthcare digital marketing

Exploring opportunities for AI in digital marketing

AI is the solution to everything, right? Not so fast. While the potential for AI in healthcare and digital marketing is incredible, it’s still in the early stages. It’s OK to experiment with AI when selling products, but when dealing with a person’s health, we need to be more careful.

 At 42group, we’re experimenting with AI and exploring how it can help us become better marketers and deliver more for our clients and the people they work with. In this blog, we’re going to illustrate some of the ways we’re currently using AI and how it could be applied to your healthcare organisation (or any other organisation with a societal purpose).

1. Create content ideas

Content is king for every business, but it’s even more critical in healthcare, where information can play a critical role in patient decisions. 

AI can only help in creating personalised and relevant content. You can use tools like ChatGPT and select from the plugins on a marketplace AIPRM to help you bulk-create content ideas. You can use the software to identify keywords, key themes, and even suggest article titles. 

The current crop of AI solutions works on a historical data set, so it’s not up to date (although this is changing). It’s also fully automated, so the results are pretty average, but every now and then it’ll find an angle you’ve not considered or explored before. And that’s often where the gold is in content generation,

Let’s take the example of a pharma company launching a new drug. We can use AI to analyse the millions of pages online to identify the key questions patients want answered. As long as we consider 

You’ll see some organisations using AI to generate educational materials, write blog posts, and craft social media updates. Personally, we believe this is a job that’s best left with the professionals, but it’s an option if your only goal is boosting your SEO.

2. Optimising user experience with chatbots and virtual assistants

At 42group, we’re not website builders but we’ve seen some incredible applications of AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. They’re simple to integrate and easy to use and can provide users with rapid access to answers to their questions. 

Chatbots won’t replace human interactions, but they can help deal with some resource-intensive, but easy-to-solve queries that can upset or frustrate users. 

You can check out this list of the best chatbots for 2024 here

3. Building campaign posts

Let’s say your business has just written and published a 5,000-word whitepaper, and you’re searching for content ideas. You can now use AI to analyse a document and identify key themes to build social posts. 

Social media is transactional and posts are ephemeral, which marks them perfect for AI. Tools like adcreative.ai enable you to create entire social posts for every campaign across all social channels, including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

We’ve tried and tested these tools, and the results are great around 50% of the time. Is it worth it? Every organisation should consider trialling AI to see if it can bring benefits but always keep humans in the loop at every stage.

4. Creating customer personas

Personas are the basis of any great marketing campaign, but who has the time to scour through millions of pages of online content to find the insights you need? AI, that’s who.

Tools like UXPressia and Delve will take some basic details about your core audience and use AI to generate personas. You’ll learn who these people are, what motivates them, and their paint points. It will even generate a photo. All the custom fields can be edited and updated to reflect your reality, not that of the AI world.

Our rules on how to use AI to improve digital marketing

Ai has huge potential to make simple tasks easier. But, rather like a powerful drill or other piece of heavy machinery, a lack of care can cause massive damage to you, your business, and your reputation.

So, how does 42group do it?

When we use AI we do so within strict parameters, and it’s always with a human in the loop. We don’t take anything AI says as accurate but check every post, persona, keyword idea, or content suggestion. 

We use AI as a way to support our content and digital marketing experts rather than replace them. That’s the most appropriate and (at least for now) realistic way to use AI. 

When will AI deliver results for digital marketers?

The opportunities AI presents in healthcare digital marketing are massive, but today, the tools are in their infancy and aren’t always accurate. If we use AI tools, we do so consciously with an understanding that all outputs will require the insight and expertise of a human. Machines won’t be replacing high-quality digital marketers like the 42group team anytime soon, but they can help us achieve more for every one of our clients – and that’s something we 100% support. 

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