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Searching for a science writer or science writing agency? We’re here to help. At 42group, we provide science writing support for organisations in all sectors, from academic institutions to start-up businesses. We’ve gone through some of the most frequently asked science writing questions and answered them. 

If you’ve got any more questions, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you. 

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Can you provide examples of successful science writing projects?

Absolutely! You can find case studies and examples of our work in our archive. These represent some of our content production work to give you a flavour of what 42group does, the clients we work with, and the content that we produce. 

How do you measure the success of your science content in terms of SEO?

SEO is all about ranking, so we’ll set clear benchmarks and KPIs for all our content. We’ll establish a baseline for your content, assessing your current content, website strengths, and ranking positions. This provides us with the basis to create an SEO-led content strategy that can help you achieve your online aims. 

We’ve created a series of detailed blogs on how to increase your search engine performance. You can start with 20 pro SEO copywriting tips.

What is the turnaround time for creating science content?

We’re often asked to create content quickly, but like all things, it’s critical that we’re given the time to do the best possible job. Scientific content can be challenging, with our writers having to spend time understanding your research, exploring your update, and speaking with your researchers and experts.

However, if you have an urgent content request, we’re always ready and waiting to help you. We have access to a range of content writers, using our extended network and our access to the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) to create a virtual team to deliver your project.

How does a science writing agency ensure content originality and avoid plagiarism?

We’re conscious of the risks of plagiarism, especially as people use online content generators and AI. As an agency, we have a zero-tolerance approach for AI content, and every piece of content goes through a comprehensive checking process that includes the following steps:

  1. Internal review
  2. Client review
  3. AI check (with Originality AI)
  4. Plagiarism check
  5. External proofread

We provide clients with details of each check and ensure they’re 100% happy with all content. This process can be time-consuming but is critical to ensuring the highest possible standards.

Can a science writing agency assist with grant writing or scientific proposals?

Science writers specialise in creating content, a skill that’s different to writing science writing grants and proposals. At 42group, we recommend that you work with a specialist grant writer or proposal writer with a history of securing finance and support. 

We have worked with several businesses (including Bitbloom) to edit, update, and improve applications. Reassuringly, they’ve been successful, so we must have done something right…

What is your revision and feedback policy for science content?

Many organisations are reticent to outsource content production to an agency as they’re concerned about the revision process. We have an established client engagement process that begins with the brief stage and continues all the way through to the delivery of the final content. 

The steps include:

  • Content request received and logged
  • Brief creation (including estimated time)
  • Brief signed-off by client
  • Project initiated
  • Delivery of V1
  • Revisions processed through the account manager
  • Delivery of V2
  • Project signed off
  • Finalisation of document and confirmation of hours
  • Hours logged on workflow platform
  • Monthly bill produced

We use several systems (including Google Docs and Google Drive) to provide clients with 24/7 access to all content throughout the process. 

How do you integrate scientific data and research findings into content?

Science data on its own is meaningless. It needs to be used in context, and as content experts, that’s what we do. We’ll incorporate tables, illustrations, graphs, and more in content where it adds to the overall experience.

When we use data, it will be accurate and in context. We work with all clients to use data responsibly, understanding what it means and representing it transparently and accurately.

What types of clients does your science writing agency typically work with?

At 42group, we work with clients in all sectors of science, research, and innovation. You can see from our work the type of client we work with. 

We are a content partner to leading academic institutions, research organisations, and some of the world’s biggest brands. Every client benefits from our expertise, insight, and approach to content production.

What makes your science writing agency unique in the market?

Science content can be complex, but it shouldn’t be. At 42group, we’re focused on creating human connections – finding the most effective ways to use content to communicate your research findings, innovation, or insight. 

Our team is made up of former journalists and content specialists who have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, most exciting innovators, and disruptive start-ups.

Of course, all agencies will promise the same, so we endeavour to provide a personal and professional service. We’re lucky that we’re a small agency and can choose the clients we work with. This ensures we don’t take on too much and fail to deliver. Your project will be our focus – and we’ll work with you until it’s completed to your satisfaction.

How does your agency handle complex scientific terminologies for SEO?

SEO is all about boosting your website in search engines, and that means creating content with authority. As experienced science writers, we find the balance between scientifically accurate content and the level of understanding your audience may have. (In SEO, our audience is the Google algorithm.)

We aim to simplify your content without it becoming simplistic. In practice, this means finding effective ways to communicate your research and findings with the public. We can use accessible content as a gateway, providing links to more in-depth and scientifically rigorous research.

When we work on an SEO project, we’ll explore the keywords that matter to your audience – and agree upon a strategy to target them. 

Can you help publish and distribute science content?

42group is a content agency. We’re not content publishers or PR professionals. To get your research published, you’ll have to go through the process of submitting articles to journals. This isn’t something we can support you with, but can provide recommendations if required. 

What is your approach to keyword research for science-based topics?

Keywords are the core of any SEO strategy. Unlike other science writing agencies, we have an in-house SEO expert who leads keyword work. We’re a Google Partner, which provides us with access to the latest tools, technologies, and tactics to identify keywords. 

To start, we’ll sit down and discuss your SEO aims. We’ll benchmark your current position and identify a strategy to boost your ranking. Alongside high-value/high-competition keywords, we can also explore long-tail searches that can deliver visitors at volume with little competition. This is a key tactic of any successful SEO campaign and one that can deliver the biggest impact with limited resources.

How do you ensure compliance with ethics in science writing?

We respect the need for science writing to be accurate as well as engaging. Trust and transparency are more important to us than anything else. 

As journalists, we avoid superlatives and sensationalism and maintain the integrity of scientific facts. We’re a trusted partner to your organisation, helping you to find your authentic voice and communicate with authority and honesty.

What formats of science writing does your agency offer?

We offer science copywriting and science content production services to clients. Our service includes everything you’d expect, including blogs, whitepapers, websites, reports, and case studies. We also offer an editing service, where we will update and optimise your content.

This is a big list, but it captures what we do:

  • Customer analysis
  • Competitor content audits
  • Content strategy
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content creation (blogs, whitepapers, websites, reports, case studies)
  • Content management
  • At-scale content delivery (50+ pieces per month)
  • Content editing
  • AI-content support (ChatGPT & others)
  • Page titles & meta tags
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Style guides
  • Product descriptions
  • Ad copy & content
  • Animation scripts
  • Brand storytelling
  • Landing pages
  • Workshops & training

We also offer SEO services to science organisations, taking a content-led approach to ranking improvements. 

What strategies do you use to engage readers in science content?

Science content and writing should never be boring, but in the wrong hands, it can be. 

We love new discoveries, are excited by research, and are inspired by new ideas. We use various strategies to ensure that we can capture the core of your message. Many agencies use storytelling techniques to impose a narrative on your work. That can be effective, but as journalists, we know we can’t veer too far away from the facts.

Our approach combines academic rigour with journalistic integrity and a storytelling style to create content that builds human connections.

Why work with a specialist science writing agency like 42group?

Generalist content agencies don’t have the skills, capability, or confidence to communicate scientific discoveries accurately and with authority. In fact, it’s unfair to ask them (although that doesn’t stop many organisations from engaging with unsuitable content partners).

A specialist science writing content agency like 42group can give you the confidence that your work will be communicated accurately and with authority. That’s what we do best.

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