Freelance Copywriter v Agency

You need some copywriting done, so do you call a copywriting agency or do you find a freelancer? Here are some strategies for finding the best fit for your copywriting project courtesy of 42group.

Copywriters are ten a penny nowadays, with every Tom, Dick and Harriet claiming they can create you the kind of copy and content that will grow your business or brand. There are some amazing freelancers out there, but how do you know when you should use a freelancer or an agency? Here are three questions you need to ask yourself.

#1 What’s your budget?

We don’t like to talk about cash as a rule, but when you’re deciding who to work with be honest about your budget. An agency is likely to be a little more expensive, but not by much. If cost is your determining factor, then a freelancer will be cheaper – but sometimes this can be a false economy. An expert agency (*ahem* like 42group), can do a professional job much quicker than a freelancer and with fewer revisions.

#2 Do I need an expert?

There are some incredible expert freelancers out there. We know because we use them. If you work in a specific niche (let’s say 5G infrastructure), then you’ll be best served by finding an expert in your field. If you write about 5G infrastructure, we can help you find them!

If you’re looking for more general, commercially-focused copywriting and content, then an agency with a broad range of experience and in-house expertise is likely to be a better bet for you.

#3 When do I need my copy?

You have the cash (we hope) and you want the copy. And in many cases, you want it as soon as possible. A freelancer managing multiple clients may struggle to fit you in. An agency with a pool of in-house staff and expert contact ready and willing to work for you is likely to be able to deliver your work more quickly.

This is a simple blog about a complicated decision. If you want to chat about your copywriting and content project and want some expert advice and guidance, then contact us today

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