How to find the best recruitment copywriting agency

Connect with the right recruitment copywriter

Want to source the best recruitment copywriting agency but sick of being approached by cut-price content mills or inexperienced freelancers? We get it. 

Recruitment agencies want to connect with copywriters and content producers who understand the industry and have demonstrable experience and in-house capabilities to manage projects. The best copywriting agencies (like 42group) will get creative, finding new ways to tell familiar stories with the confidence to see it through. 

Want to work with an agency like that? Of course you do (that’s why you’re reading this). Here’s how to find the best recruitment copywriting agency (written by real recruitment copywriters, not robots!).

Start by specifying what you want

Before you begin your search for a recruitment copywriting agency, what’s the problem you’re experiencing and what do you want them to do?

At 42group, we work with recruitment agencies on a variety of projects. We may ve asked to write (or re-write) a website, create blogs and articles, author a whitepaper or update some ads. In some cases, we do all these things. 

Before entering the market, you need to have a clear idea of what you want the agency or individual to do. This will help you narrow down your search and start to connect with suitable suppliers. 

If you approached us, here are a few of the things we’d expect you to have to hand before we have an initial conversation:

  • What’s your specialist area and why are you the #1 recruitment agency to work with (or want to be #1)?
  • Audience information
  • Company branding stuff (TOV guidelines, brand pack etc.)
  • List of deliverables
  • Timeframe for delivery
  • Key relationships
  • Any interdependencies (if you’re working with an agency to build the site, for example)
  • Budget

This is all basic stuff that will help any agency to begin to understand the scale, scope and specialists who will need to become involved in the project. 

Want more information on recruitment copywriting? Read our recruitment copywriting guide.

What makes a great recruitment copywriting agency?

This isn’t an exhaustive list. In fact, it’s just some thoughts and observations based on experience. But these are some the things that make a great recruitment copywriting agency:

  • Expertise in HR and recruitment: This is essential, right? The best agencies have a deep understanding of the recruitment sector. They understand the demands of clients and customers who expect you to create connections and the candidates you want to work with. Recruitment is about sales, but it’s also about solving problems –and the best recruitment copywriters understand this. 
  • Strong portfolio: Client lists can tell you a lot about an agency. Always look at an agency’s previous work to provide an idea of its style and tone. But don’t get too hung up on it. Remember, they’re writing for that client – not you.  
  • Client testimonials and case studies: If you’re investing a lot, then take the time to get some client testimonials and case studies. As well as outcomes, ask about processes and learn about the people you’ll potentially be working with.
  • Consultation and communication: How responsive is the agency? What are they like on the phone? What processes in place do they have to support you? The way an agency communicates and acts during your initial conversations should tell you a lot about who they are and how they work.
  • Pricing and contracts: This is all great, but you’ll also want transparent pricing, acceptable terms and conditions and clear contracts. Always ask what you’re paying for and when you’re paying.  

10 questions to ask potential copywriting partners…

At 42group, we’re on the other side of the table answering questions most of the time so we shouldn’t be telling you this, but here are out 10 questions you should always ask a recruitment copywriting partner.

  1. What do you know about the recruitment industry and what experience do you have?
  2. What can you do to improve my brand communication?
  3. Obviously you’ll want to share some examples of successful recruitment campaigns you’ve handled. What do you want to show us?
  4. You’ve seen the brief, how would you deliver the work?
  5. What processes in place do you have to ensure work is delivered on-time and on-budget?
  6. What’s your process for editing and updating content?
  7. What’s your rate card for work?
  8. Why should I trust you with my brand reputation?
  9. Our leadership team will change lots of your work. Do you just accept that or will you fight for better content?
  10. Do you use AI in any part of your content creation process? (Because if you do, we’re walking out or logging off right now.

Appointing a recruitment copywriter

The list above is a playful way to get you to think about the questions that matter to you. Ultimately, it’s your business and your money. 

Instead of thinking of a copywriter as a supplier of a service, it’s better to consider them a partner. The more you invest in the relationship, the better the outcomes.

When searching for and selecting a recruitment copyright, do your research and find one that understands your needs and can create content that creates connections with your candidates, clients and stakeholders. 

The best recruitment copywriting agencies

  • 42group – We’ve been working as a specialist recruitment copywriter for over 10 years, and have worked with ​​some of the world’s biggest recruitment companies (like Monster) as well as a selection of boutique recruiters (Saragossa, Brunel and Foxtek). 
  • Copywriting for recruiters – The name leaves little to the imagination. These guys run training courses to help people like you sharpen their skills and create copy.
  • BrandResumes – US-based BrandResumes specialises in both individual CV writing and corporate recruitment campaigns and are experts at creating job descriptions. 
  • Content Harmony – Want a cheap solution for content creation? Content Harmony offers a wide range of content services, including recruitment copywriting.

Connect with a recruitment copywriter

If you’re searching for a recruitment copywriter, contact 42group. We’re one of the UK’s leading specialist recruitment copywriting agencies and we’re always ready to discuss new projects and opportunities.

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