Lost in translation

Did this make you smile? Us too. It’s a shame when copywriting goes bad…

Great copywriters can use colloquialisms to help brands break through to customers. They can be witty, wise and welcoming – giving corporations a humanity that’s important.

Problem is, sometimes the colloquialisms just don’t translate. Like this one…

In truth, this was an American advert that was shared online. Most people know that words can have different meanings in other places. A personal favourite of ours was the Australian usage of the word spunk to describe a hunky guy. Most commonly heard on Neighbours, they’re still using it (and still featuring hunky guys like the one below).


A good copywriting agency comes up with great ideas. A trustworthy one checks that the copy you create won’t make people laugh when you don’t want them too. Or even worse, upsets them in some way through inconsiderate, or inaccurate, copy.

We’re a Bristol copywriting agency that oohs and arrs in all the right places – but we’re international in our approach and our outlook.

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