Do something different…

Stuck in a marketing material malaise? Then why not do something different with your content? 42group can help… 

When confronted with your choice of design options, it’s easy to fall back on the tried and tested classics. A4 portrait booklet, DL leaflet and print-ready PDFs are all important to have.

That’s completely fine, and in a lot of situations absolutely necessary. But one of the reasons our clients come to us is because we do things differently…

Here are some of the ways we work with clients to help them create compelling content in a variety of ways.


Infographics are a relatively recent phenomenon but are an incredible medium to help you get across complex information in a simple and easy to understand way.

They’re also bright, colourful and an awful lot of fun to put together.

Infographics can easily be repurposed and reshaped so that they can be used in a variety of different ways. At 42group we encourage our clients to create materials that can not only be printed, but also be downloadable and shareable over social media.

Our work with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital gave us the opportunity to create some amazing infographics that in the end found themselves being shared across the world.

Take a look at how we used infograhics to explain what cognitive computing by reviewing the Alder Hey Hospital Children’s Hospital Case Study.


Since cinema audiences jumped out of the way as a train appeared to shoot out of the screen (the Lumiere Brothers were obviously the Chuckle Brothers of their day) film has been an amazing way to get a message across.

As an agency we have been involved in the creation of a number of films, and more recently animations, to help convey a point.

These have been hosted on websites, shared among staff and – like this one we created for the Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service – used as part of a staff awards session.

Here’s another cartoon we created to help introduce to the world the South West Patient Safety Collaborative:

Content-driven social media

At 42group we are able to boast some serious social media expertise. This isn’t a little bit of tweeting on the side, it’s about creating strong, content-driven, strategic social media campaigns that get results.

And we aren’t talking about a few retweets and likes on Facebook, we’re talking about proper, tangible impact.

At 42group we’ve done this for the Bristol Grand Prix and are currently working with the Tour of Britain in Bristol. Our involvement has already resulted in a 100% increase in users and a huge uplift in terms of post-count and traffic.

We also produce reports for our clients so you can see what we’ve done and how your money has been spent. You can find a link through to the Bristol Grand Prix 2016 Report to see the kind of impact we have had.

While we specialise in working on content and campaigns in science, technology and healthcare, our sister-brand Style Tribe is a boutique customer-focused agency offering brand engagement through social media. We’ve worked with high profile clients like Jaegar, and Bristol Fashion Week.

Whatever your communications challenge, 42group is here to help. We use our journalistic approach to communications and content to help you tell your story wherever and whenever it needs to be told. We will continue to work differently, it’s what our clients expect and deserve.