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42group is a leading healthcare content agency that works with leading healthcare organisations. We specialise in crafting content for patients, providers, stakeholders and clinical staff. We take a strategic approach to content creation, ensuring that every piece of content we create has a purpose – whether that’s creating a connection, generating a click or building your brand. 

We’re going to walk you through what a healthcare content agency like 42group does and our unique approach to content creation. We’ll describe our healthcare content services and explain why we should be your first choice for healthcare content and healthcare copywriting.

Who is 42group?

42group is a content agency that’s reassuringly old-school in its approach to content creation (in a modern world).

The agency was created by trained and experienced journalists. We’ve maintained this same commitment to exceptional quality content that’s accurate, authentic and with authority. 

Today, we apply the skills we learned as journalists to create copy and content for some of the biggest brands around (like Google, Deloitte, Pfizer, Monster, BCG, and Shopify). We also work with a wide range of charities, third-sector organisations, healthcare providers, technology companies that work with the health sector and start-ups who want to break into this rapidly growing market. 

The agency is based in sunny (well, not always ) Bristol. We have a core team that’s augmented by subject-matter experts who can help us deliver projects in all sectors – from scientific research to new hospital launches. 

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What’s person-first content?

Healthcare providers, partners and businesses have a range of audiences they need to engage with. It’s out job to create human connections by creating people-first content. 

It’s a great phrase, isn’t it? But what does it mean? At the core of great content is a deep understanding of your organisation, audience, product (service or solution) and the impact you can have. 

As an agency, we’ve developed a unique insight into the healthcare sector with many of us having worked within the NHS, charities and providers, which helps us to understand the personalities, priorities and pressures. These insights into your audience and specific sector knowledge enable us to effectively create human connections. 

OK, so how does this translate to content? Every piece of content should have a clear strategic purpose and outcome. Whether you’re creating content to increase awareness, boost sales or build your brand, we can help.

One of our key roles is to create patient-friendly content that’s clear, accurate and authoritative. We can find the right words you need to connect directly with your patients, clinical staff and key stakeholders.

This is a lot to take in (we get that). Check out our blodg, where you can find a series of guides on healthcare content, healthcare copywriting and healthcare SEO. 

42group’s health content marketing services

Great question. We’re a content marketing agency that can provide a comprehensive range of content services, including:

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Healthcare content agency FAQs

You’ve got questions about healthcare content marketing and (thankfully) we have answers, so let’s get started.

Why should I work with a health content marketing agency?

Healthcare content marketing agencies like 42group understand the sector, your audiences and how the healthcare world works – and that’s important. Send us a brief about a new hospital launch, healthcare tech product or patient-focused content campaign and we’ll be able to hit the ground running. We don’t need extensive background briefing to get stared (but it always helps).

We’ve developed a series of processes and an agency approach that keeps you involved and in control. Our team can work with you in the most effective way, operating a and outsourced copywriting and content partner.

When the work comes in, you’ll see the difference between a specialist healthcare copywriter and a generalist. You’ll also find that you need to spend less ime reviewing and rewriting content as we deliver quality from draft one.

What does a health content agency do?

Healthcare content agencies offer a comprehensive  range of services. Most people consider health copywiritn and content to be 100% online, but at 42group we offer a much broader service that includes:

Customers can commission us to provide a single element of content production or strategy, or work with us to deliver a range of content services. Ultimately, the customer remains in control.

What healthcare experience do you have?

At 42group, we’ve been working with healthcare organisations for almost 10 years. Clients include the NHS and Bupa, pharma leaders like Pfizer and Merck, medical device companies like Roche, charities like RAFT and hundreds of others.

Our founder previously worked in the NHS for six years. Prior to that he worked as a healthcare journalist with the UK’s healthcare press.

We don’t jut work with healthcare organisations, we also work with leaders in science, technology and engineering. This exposure to a broader market keeps our content fresh and our knowledge of different sectors can provide value to our clients.

We like to balance our healthcare work ith other projects to maintain a fresh perspective on the industry and transferable insights that can benefit you.

How can I tell if 42group’s content approach will work for me?

The easiest way to test our services is to work with us. We’re always happy to chat about projects and opportunities in the healthcare sector (as well as any others). We’ll discuss your project and explore whether it would be a good fit. 

We’re happy to sketch out a skeleton project plan at the brief stage outlining how we would work with you to develop a project.

We’re unable and unwilling to work on content for free (and please don’t ask as we don’t want to hurt your feelings).

Does 42group create SEO content?

Yes we do. SEO content is critical to many organisations who want to achieve a prominent search engine position – and remain there. 

Our team can deliver SEO content projects at scale. We can create aythign femur 1 piece of content to 100, with every one optimised, checked for AI and ready to publish.

We’re a Google Partner and can support you in identifying keywords, writing briefs, structuring articles, creating titles and meta tags and even identifying images. 

I need help developing a content marketing strategy. Can you help?

Absolutely. We’re experienced contents strategists and can apply learning frmo hundreds of content projects to yours. We can work from the basics, creating audience personas, identifying key content channels, building messaging frameworks and developing briefs. We have an in-house and outsourced team to transform ideas into ready-to-use content. 

Can I get my SEO company to produce content?

Err, no. Firstly, you SEO agency will look to outsource it or give it to a generalist in-house copywriter. The result? Useless content. 

SEO agencies will create content for algorithms not audiences. They won’t have the in-depth knowledge of he healthcare sector which lead to embarrassing errors, mistakes and mishaps. 

Don’t do it.

Is this a crude attempt to gain a Google ranking as a healthcare content agency?

What do you think? 

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