European Commission

Case studies with impact.

The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme funds groundbreaking science and technology research. When they needed to explain the outcomes and the impact, they came to us.

Our job was to work with scientists and researchers to help them tell their stories through case studies. Short, sharp and to the point; the words we created needed to have impact.

We’re experts in working on detailed case studies, capturing the complexity of the challenge and the impact of innovation.

We created content on time, on budget and on demand for the EU. It’s a project we’re genuinely proud of.

As part of our work, we provided meta descriptions, social media snippets and supportive content to help each piece reach the widest possible audience. The content was structured and edited for SEO and proof-read to ensure it was ready to be posted as soon as it was delivered.

We’re experts in creating case studies and content that helps you stand out.  If you would like to discuss your project then please contact us today.

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