Copy for a luxury duvet brand that’s all about the feels

How can you capture the feeling of luxuriating in a 100% wool duvet? It’s the Floks feeling, and it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

We worked with a marketing agency who were building the website to provide all copy, including conceptual copy and brand positioning. Our challenge was to express the luxury and compliment the look and feel of the Floks website.

Brands that say nothing stand still, so we worked hard to channel the founders’ vision into a unique and engaging market proposition.

It’s hard to launch a new brand in the luxury market, but Floks doesn’t follow the herd. They’re making huge inroads into the luxury bedding market.

Check out the website and experience that Floks feeling… (Or you can buy a duvet at John Lewis, or in some of the UK’s luxury stores.)

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