Pfizer Europe

Pharma content for a global giant.

Creating medical content is a challenge. It needs to be rigorously researched, accurate and informed. But it also needs to be interesting. We’ve been working with Pfizer since 2017, providing high-quality medical content for the global pharmaceutical giant. Our content strategy and approach have helped Pfizer to engage a demanding audience across the world.

At 42group, we’re experts in creating medical content that reaches the reader. It’s engaging, well researched and evidence-based.

We’ve worked to create content on topics as varied as how wearable technology can improve the patient experience; what GPs need to know about technology in the workplace, and providing healthy eating advice for busy professionals.

In total, we’ve produced over 30 pieces of medical content that have been syndicated, translated and shared across Europe.

As part of our work, we’ve optimised each piece for SEO, identifying and weaving in specific keywords that help to establish Pfizer in search. We’ve provided social media ideas to help Pfizer share and promote its content across Europe, reaching an even bigger audience.

Our relationship with Pfizer continues to this day as we’re working on new projects for one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, including providing content for an entirely new website.

We provided:

  • Medical content strategy
  • Content production
  • Content editing
  • Social media strategy

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