University of Cambridge

REF case studies for the world leading university

The briefest mention of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) can strike fear into even hardened academics. To soften the blow, we’ve worked with researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Veterinary Medicine to produce clear and compelling REF content that showcases the incredible work that they are doing.

Did you know that many short-headed dogs, such as English bulldogs, French bulldogs and Pugs, suffer from a breathing disorder called brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome (BOAS)?

Neither did we until we started work with the university.

It turns out the owners of increasingly popular pedigree breeds aren’t aware of BOAS either, which means this life-limiting condition can go unrecognised and undiagnosed for years.

The experts at Cambridge have developed a new and cost-effective test for BOAS that’s improving diagnosis and outcomes for millions of furry four-legged friends.

We’re proud to have worked with the University of Cambridge to tell this story and to help these pedigree pooches breathe a little easier. We’ve helped the University of Cambridge to create REF case studies with bark, bite and impact.

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