Silence isn’t golden

We’ve been quiet for a while (sorry), but we’ve been working hard. Here are some of the amazing projects we’ve been working in the last few weeks. We really don’t know how we find the time…

At 42group, we love to be busy but these last few months have been straight up crazy. It’s a great time to be a marketing agency in Bristol – the work is exciting, the weather good and the days are getting longer. We even enjoyed the first office beer outside last week.

We’ve been quiet, but it’s now time to let you know about some amazing projects we’ve been working on, and what we have coming up.


We’re proud to announce we’ve signed a contract with children’s charity Barnardo’s to work on an incredible new mixed-media project. Animations, films, digital and design are all part of a massive new project.

We can’t say too much at this stage, but this one has the potential to change everything.

Fuüm Mattress

Getting an amazing night’s sleep just got easier with Fuüm. This Bristol start-up is crafting the deepest and most luxurious memory foam mattresses available anywhere in the world.

We have been working with the team at Fuüm to help bring their brand to life. Engaging copy and content and some innovative and quirky marketing ideas are all in the pipeline.

<Insert name> (Global pharmaceutical company)

Some of the work we do as an agency we can shout about, some of it we can’t. This is one of those jobs we can’t, unfortunately – but you’re smart, you can narrow it down.

Over the past few months we’ve built a relationship with one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers, helping to create medical content and science materials for a demanding audience.

Working with a global leader throws up some massive challenges, and incredible opportunities and we’ve loved every minute.

East Bristol Food Bank

It’s important that we put something back, so we’ve been working with a number of charities on a voluntary basis. We’re just about to start some work with the East Bristol Foodbank this month, a charity that’s doing some incredible work.

What else?

Err, quite a lot actually. Some content for the Space Tech Expo in the USA, nutritional insights for Nature’s Best and a lengthy investigation of 3D printing technologies for use in aircraft for a national magazine.

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