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Blogging at scale is still critical to sustainable SEO. It’s all about numbers, but every click is a customer looking for information, answer, or inspiration. We’ll create a blog programme that satisfies your audience and smashes SEO.


What we do

Every business has a blog, but are you using it as effectively as possible? Posting a random 500-word post a week won’t help your business or engage your audience.

Instead, you need to approach content strategically, using your blog as a critical marketing channel to reach your customers. The topics, structure, and style of all blogs must be driven by customers and designed for sustainable SEO gains.

At 42group, we combine effort and expertise to create an integrated blog programme to boost your business. We will optimise everything, including titles, tags, headings, while including keyword variations to keep content fresh.

Whether you want five pieces of content a month, or 50, our in-house team can deliver.

Blog creation services


Keyword research & search analysis


Blog briefs & outlines


Optimised blog structure


Blog creation (50+ pieces per month)


Proofreading, editing, and optimisation


Blog automation (ChatGPT & AI content production)


Titles & meta tags


Content uploading to your CMS

At-scale content optimised for growth

It’s all about AI at the moment, isn’t it? While there’s potential, it’s unproven. Outsourcing to cut-price content agencies and content mills that don’t care can damage your business and website.

Trust us, and we’ll build a blog programme that can genuinely boost your business.

42group works with leading brands and businesses, developing content strategies that build human connections. We believe that only by understanding your audience can we develop content that engages and inspires them.

We work with leaders in healthcare, science and technology – but can use our content strategy skills for any organisation that wants to boost their online presence and profile.

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