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We’re a specialist science content and copywriting agency. Our writers are experts at translating complex information into accessible and engaging content for any audience.

If you’re searching for a science copywriting partner, the answer is 42.

Our approach

42group has been at the forefront of science content and communication for over a decade.  We work with world leading universities, cutting-edge research charities and some of the world’s biggest brands, creating content that builds human connections. Current and former clients include Google, Deloitte, BCG, European Commission, Cambridge University, Pfizer, DuPont, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, EPSRC, STFC, Hartree Centre and many others.

Our focus is on helping our partners to communicate with accuracy and authority. We’re collaborative, working alongside your team and experts to deliver projects.

We have an established in-house team with a broad range of experience as well as a trusted group of specialist subject matter experts that work with us when required. This ensures we have the scientific knowledge and storytelling expertise to communicate confidently, clearly and with authority on any subject or specialism.

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42group is one of the UK’s leading science, technology and engineering content agencies. Our clients include some of the UK’s leading names in research and discovery. We’re a trusted partner, playing a crucial role in their successes.

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Science content FAQs

What is science content?

Science content is a catch-all term for any piece of content written about you and your organisation, and research.  That can include your website, promotional materials, reports, social media content and more. It can also include essential documents, such as your REF submission.

What do scientific writers do?

You’re the experts at what you do, and we can never have you level of knowledge – but that doesn’t stop us creating great content. In fact, this distance enables us to engage with your project or research most effectively. Scientific writers (the good ones, at least),

Should I work with an agency or a freelance science writer?

You can work with whoever you want, and it’s not our place to tell you who to work with. However, if you want our advice, we’d recommend an agency. Freelance science writers are great, but they’re limited in terms of scale and capacity. You may also find your job isn’t a priority. At 42group, we have the capacity to manage multiple clients, delivering multiple projects for high-profile clients. We love a deadline!


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We’re always here to answer any healthcare content questions you might have. You can email us at: hello@42group.co.uk or call us on +441173694042.

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