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Searching for a technology writer that’s going to understand your new products, software, app or solution? That’s us. We’re a group of tech journalists, tech content producers,and tech copywriters that are inspired by innovation. The answer is 42.

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It’s all about AI in tech, but can you trust anything written by artificial intelligence? The best technology content is produced by writers with an in-depth knowledge and insight into the market – and that’s us.

Need a technology journalist to create a case study? That’s 42. Need blogs to boost your online profile? We can help. Do you want to showcase the potential of your new product? 42 (again).

We’ve consistently produced content for some of the world’s leading brands, businesses and organisations. Alongside brands you know, we’re also active in supporting the start-up community helping accelerate their growth through high-quality content.

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When we start to create content, it’s not about words on a page, but about informing, engaging and inspiring your readers. Tech content is all about exploring the potential of what’s possible. You push boundaries, and so do we – that’s why we’re the ideal partner.

Our tech content writing service is shaped around you and your requirements. Whether you need an individual piece of content like a whitepaper or content for an entire website, we can help. Trust our technology writers to understand your story and tell it in a unique way.

We’re not your average content agency, but you know that. For tech brands and businesses that want to achieve more, the answer is 42.

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Tech content FAQs

What is tech content?

Tech content is anything and everything produced to support your business or brand. That includes blogs, whitepapers, promotional materials, websites and social media copy. We’re able to support with everything, from individual pieces of content to a large-scale blog programme that will help you rank online in the most competitive of categories.

Does 42group have the in-house team to support us?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated in-house team that’s ready and waiting to work with you. In some cases, we may call upon the support of a range of specialist freelancers who will work as part of our team. All work will be quality checked and referenced according to our in-house process ensuring consistent quality.

Do you use AI writing generators?

Absolutely, positively, 100% no – and we will never will. AI article writing tools are the biggest danger to our business, and yours. They generate junk content with a single aim: to game the Google algorithm. It’s entirely the wrong way to create content and we’re vehemently opposed to it. Writing AI will never be able to compete with a human, despite what the tech bros tell you. How do we know? We work with several AI startups and they all pay us to create human content that builds connections.

Does tech content help SEO?

What do you think? (Yes, is the answer.) Getting your business or brand to rank in search engines is still the best way to get noticed. It’s not easy, but investing in targeted content is still the best strategy for long-term SEO success. Of course, you can also invest in PPC to provide an initial boost, but together we can build a content strategy that’s shaped around your company and can drive your development.

What makes great tech content?

Excellent question. We’ll assume that article structure, titles, and tags are taken care of. The most important thing is delivering content with value. You can lead from the front, or be dragged along behind the market leaders. The challenge for any tech brand is to say something authentic – and we can help. Don’t waste your time with “5 top tech tips” – but provide that detailed guide your customers can’t live without.

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We’re always here to answer any healthcare content questions you might have. You can email us at: hello@42group.co.uk or call us on +441173694042.

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