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Copywriting that creates human connections

Today, charities like yours face a battle to raise awareness and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. Authentic and insightful copywriting and content are the building blocks of your brand.

At 42group, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading charities and small-scale start-ups, helping find the words that reach people, change perceptions and drive donations.

What we do

Charity copywriting isn’t a job for your average agency or freelancer. Every word of copy or content must work hard to promote your cause, establish a connection and – crucially – encourage action. Successful copywriting is active and authentic, speaking with a unique voice that goes beyond bland platitudes to communicate your cause.

At 42group, we’ve worked with a huge range of charities, including household names like Alzheimer’s Society, Alder Hey Hospital, Haven’s Hospices, Reuse Network, Montessori Global Education and more. Everything we do is based on insights drawn from research, interviews and investigations into what  audiences want.

We use commercial copywriting techniques to ensure everything we create is contemporary and compelling, conveying the urgency of your cause and the impact you are having. These are skills we’ve developed working as journalists and with a global client base that includes Google, Deloitte, BCG, the NHS and many more.

As an agency, we’re focused on ensuring all copy cuts through the noise and establishes a human connection with your audience. Whether it’s through your website, a case study, impact report or direct mail shot, the approach and the outcome is the same – copy that inspires your audience to act.

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Is your charity copy connecting?

If you’re struggling to capture the impact of your charity or distill your proposition into something simple and meaningful, we can help. Our experienced copywriters can work with you to find the words you need to directly reach your audience, engage them and build human connections.

We know (from years of experience) that at the heart of great copywriting is a deep understanding of your audience, including what motivates them and what matters to them. So this is where we start…

We’re proud of our collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands in the charitable, healthcare, science and technology sectors. 42group’s copywriting and content is helping them establish connections and drive success. What we’ve done for them, we can do for you…

Contact our charity copywriting team for an initial discussion of your requirements.

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Charity copywriting FAQs

What is charity copywriting?

Charity copywriting cover a range of creative tasks, including writing for websites, creating case studies and impact reports, direct response copy (emails and newsletters), social media content and adverts.

Essentially, charity copywriting includes anything involving words. In the marketing world, we categorise things like blogs as content, but the difference is semantic (and at 42group we’re charity copywriters and charity content producers).

Why should I spend money on charity copywriting?

Do you want your charity to appear professional while connecting directly with the people that matter? In essence, that’s what copywriters do. (Well, the good ones).

You’ll find a huge range of charity copywriters online, from individual freelancers to large agencies. 42group sits somewhere in the middle. We’re large and experienced enough to support charities of all sizes, but with a personal touch and engagement you only get with a small agency.

How do charity copywriting agencies work?

We can’t speak for every agency, but at 42group, the first stage of every project is developing a brief. You may have a fully formed brief already written or require some support. Either way, we’ll work to develop a brief with a clear audience, deliverables, timescales and outcomes.

This provides our basis for engaging and the creation of our work plan (and project estimate).

How much does charity copywriting cost?

It really depends on the nature of your project, size, deliverables and processes. We provide all clients with a clear estimate of all costs before we start working together. 

While some people consider copywriting a cost, it’s better for us all if you consider it an investment in building your brand.

Why should my charity choose to work with 42group?

Do you want to work with an agency that understands the charitable sector but also has a broader range of experience with commercial clients like Google, Deloitte, Pfizer and more?

The clients we work with value your expertise and the insight we bring. Our approach is to use commercial approaches to audience engagement and brand building and apply these to the charitable sector. 

Do you edit charity websites?

Absolutely! We regularly work with clients to help them refine and improve their charity websites. We can do everything from a basic (and cheap) refresh to an entire rewrite. It depends on your budget, expectations and expected outcomes.

The best thing to do is to message us and we’ll chat you through your options.

I’m a charity copywriter, do you have any jobs?

We’re always interested in people with skills that can help our clients. You can send us an email at hello@42group.co.uk.

Got a question?

We’re always here to answer any charity copywriting and content questions that you might have. You can email us at: hello@42group.co.uk or call us on +441173694042.

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