What we learned from the UK’s top brands

The UK’s top brands this year were Netflix and chilled (foods).


Aldi and Lidl topped the list of the UK’s favourite brands in YouGov’s 2017 BrandIndex (released today), while Netflix was the biggest climber this year at number three.


BrandIndex measures the public’s perception of brands throughout the year across a number of metrics that contribute to their ‘buzz score’, tracking whether they have heard anything positive or negative about a brand.


Interestingly, it appears that home really is where the heart is when it comes to brand rankings. The top ten includes brands like Yorkshire Tea, BBC iPlayer, IKEA, MoneySavingExpert.com, because of course we all enjoy telly, cheap furniture, a good cuppa and the chance to save some cash on our household bills.


YouGov also released a list of ‘most improved’ brands this year, which was topped by BHS, signalling that its transition from the high street to online has been a success so far.


Being the cynical marketing hacks that we are, we wondered whether brand perception was connected to ad spend. Did those who spend more rank higher? Having cross-referenced the list against the top 50 advertisers in the UK (albeit from 2016 as an up to date list is unavailable at present) this seems to be generally true – Aldi and Lidl are in the top 25 biggest spenders, for example.


Despite this, certain brands appear to have won a place in the public’s affections without a huge spend; Netflix, for example, doesn’t appear on the top advertisers list, and neither do Premier Inn or PayPal, who are both in the top 10.


What these particular entries in the list all have in common though is positive word of mouth. The stories that they tell (and that people are telling each other) about them are consistently good – and that doesn’t happen overnight. All three brands also offer a simple online solution to consumers’ problems. You can book, pay for and (in most cases) enjoy their services online.


There are four things that they’re doing which we can all do to improve:

  • Do what you do, really well
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy from you
  • Talk about it
  • Get others to talk about it


It sounds simple enough, but it takes persistence and consistency to get it right day after day. But when you do, a Lidl bit can go a long way…


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