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Why content marketing works

Global spending on content marketing hit $16bn in 2017 as advertisers focus on building meaningful connections through valuable content. The reason is that content marketing works, and here’s how…


The content marketing industry is forecast to double by 2022 as marketers shift from traditional advertising, moving toward a content-first approach.


The growth of content is a reflection of the increase in online shopping, and the global reach of social media. The simple truth is that it’s easier, cheaper and often more effective to reach consumers through content than it is through advertising.

Here’s why content marketing works, and why you should consider it in 2018.


How does it work?


A multi-channel content strategy should focus on building trust in your business and your brand. Seeing you interacting and adding value across social media and through your own website will build trust with current and potential customers, and that’s important.


If your customers don’t trust you, they won’t spend their money, regardless of how great – or how numerous – your ads are.


What channels should I use?


The channels you use should be defined by your customers. Start by asking yourself a few questions:


  • Where are your customers?
  • How do they interact with you?
  • What do they want to know about?


There’s no single content strategy that will be effective; you need to design an approach that engages your consumers. It will be as individual as you are.


What should I write about?


A content strategy has to be built upon a detailed understanding of your customers. It’s not about the volume of words, but their value.


Without knowing you, your brand or your business, we can’t offer you any specific advice apart from focusing on your customers. They’re the start, middle and end of everything.


I can write pretty well, should I do it myself?


If you can write well, understand a little about how to structure an article or a blog and have the time, then absolutely. But don’t just jump onto your computer and type. Spend the time planning what you want to say, and ask yourself: ‘why am I doing this?’


What you write needs to give the reader something they want, so focus not on broadcasting messages but sharing insights.


Should I stop advertising and shift to content?


Probably not.


Content marketing doesn’t replace traditional methods for reaching consumers, it supports them. It’s about creating content with value, improving the perception of your brand and improving the relationship they have with your business.


Your potential customers will still need to understand what your business is, your products are, or your service does – and this is where traditional marketing is needed.


Should I work with an agency?


If you’re serious about investing in content marketing, then yes. Naturally, we would say that, but it’s true.


A content agency like 42group can help you develop a content strategy that supports you and your business to grow. We can create content that engages consumers, helps you to grow online through SEO and builds engagement.


What can you do for us?


We thought you’d never ask…


We can help you with:



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