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Pharmaceutical copywriting is the process of creating content and communications materials for patients, clinicians and other key stakeholders. When we talk about pharma copywriting, we’re not talking about medical content and copywriting (like clinical training guides, regulatory content and medical content) but about copy for websites, blogs, articles, leaflets, social media, case studies, videos, animations and more. 

Specialised pharmaceutical copywriters create work that adheres to all standards (including those set by regulators like the AHA and MHRA) while creating connections with your core audience. 

42group is a leading UK pharmaceutical copywriting agency providing services to companies in the UK and Europe. This guide provides an overview of pharmaceutical copywriting, its power for pharmaceutical companies, and how to find the right agency partner for you.

What is pharma copywriting?

Pharma copywriting involves creating content for a range of audiences, including patients, the public, clinicians and other key stakeholders. 

Pharmaceutical copywriting can include creating:

  • Website content
  • Ad copy & content
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Style guides
  • Product descriptions
  • Animation scripts
  • Brand storytelling
  • Workshops and training
  • Copy editing

This isn’t an exhaustive list. You’ll often find copywriters getting involved in crafting a huge range of internal and external communications materials for businesses. 

Pharma copywriters and copywriting agencies aren’t usually medical specialists. At 42group, for example, we don’t provide medical copywriting services for clients. But we do manage everything in that list above.

Some pharmaceutical businesses will have internal copywriter teams, but most work with external agencies. Pharma copywriting agencies enable organisations to gain access to a skilled team that can deliver at scale….

Why pharma companies need specialised copywriters

The pharmaceutical sector is unique in its complexity and the critical nature of its content and communications requirements. 

Each piece of content must be meticulously crafted so it’s scientifically accurate, regulatory compliant and accessible to its audience. Any miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings about medication, health conditions and personal treatments. 

Specialised pharma copywriters have to have a broad range of sector knowledge and experience to be successful, including:

  • Patient understanding: Pharma companies are all about treating patients. Writers must understand patients’ needs, wants, and desires—as well as their problems. Of course, writers can learn through research, but the best have a strongly developed understanding of patients, including how to relate to them. 
  • Healthcare sector knowledge: The healthcare sector is a complex and challenging area, with a wide range of stakeholders and organisations working together to deliver patient care. Pharmaceutical copywriters will have a detailed knowledge of how the health sector works, including the role of partners in delivering care. 
  • Scientific acumen: Pharma companies will need an understanding of biomedical sciences and the ability to interpret and convey drug mechanisms, clinical trial results, and medical data accurately.
  • Regulatory knowledge: Writers must have a knowledge of the legal and ethical standards governing pharma communications in different markets.
  • Creative skills: We’ve talked a lot about context and control, but copywriters must also be creative. They must have the ability to engage diverse audiences with content that informs and persuades. Whether they’re creating content for healthcare professionals and patients, it must be engaging and inspiring. 

These key skills are (in our opinion) crucial for copywriters who are tasked with translating complex medical and scientific information into clear, compliant and compelling messages.

Copywriters play a vital role in promoting an organisation’s products and services but also in protecting its brand.

What makes a great pharma copywriter?

Pharma copywriters will have the education, experience and personal skills to create professional content. At 42group, we ensure that our writers aren’t only well-versed in scientific subjects and healthcare sector knowledge but are also expert communicators, capable of crafting copy that adheres to regulatory guidelines and appeals to target audiences.

Many of our writers have degrees in life sciences, supplemented with qualifications in journalism or communications. This educational background is crucial for helping them understand the complex nature of pharmaceutical copywriting. 

We also believe that ongoing professional development is vital to ensuring copy and content deliver for our clients and helps them build human connections. 

We expect our copywriters to be aware of regulatory changes and marketing trends. In some cases, they’ll attend courses that boost specialised knowledge in areas like digital marketing, regulatory affairs and patient education.

Copywriters must also stay up-to-date on 

This combination of skills and knowledge ensures that our pharma copywriters create content that’s original, engaging and authoritative. Does that sound like the sort of company you want to work with?

Our pharma copywriting services

At 42group, we offer our clients a wide range of copywriting services designed to meet their diverse needs. 

Our team handles everything from creating an individual leaflet to an integrated campaign. Here are some of the ways that we can work with you:

  • Marketing material creation: Our team develops compelling marketing materials, including brochures, emails, and more. Everything is created to catch the eye of healthcare professionals and consumers alike.
  • Web copywriting & content: We can write, edit, and optimise website content. This can include creating new websites and microsites from scratch or editing and improving existing websites. 
  • Blogs, articles, and case studies: Content marketing requires the consistent production of high-quality blogs, articles, and case studies. We’ve established a proven ability to produce content at scale to power online and offline growth.
  • Whitepapers and reports: Reports and whitepapers enable pharma companies to explore things in greater detail. We use our journalistic approach to delve into the details, creating long-form copy and content that’s well researched, evidence-based, and written to the highest standards. 
  • Social media strategy & content: Whether you’re looking to engage patients through social media, or enagage clinicians and stakeholders, we can develop an audience-infored strategy and create all the content you need to build connections.
  • SEO support: Optimising content, improving readability and boosting search engine performance are all part of our copywriting services for pharmaceutical clients.

Compliance and creativity in pharma copywriting

One of the most significant challenges in pharma copywriting – and for pharma copywriters – is balancing the need for regulatory compliance with the desire to produce creative and engaging content. 

Pharma organisations have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure all content is clear, accurate and correct. Every claim must be substantiated and every statement must be backed by scientific evidence.

But audience attention spans are short. Content must be persuasive and engaging to engage your audience in a competitive market where there are thousands of others vying for their attention. 

How do we do it? At 42group, we employ creative strategies that respect regulatory boundaries while innovating within these necessary constraints. 

We use storytelling techniques to make complex information more relatable, and interactive digital formats to engage users more deeply. We work with our clients to ensure that content meets regulatory standards but also lives up to our clients’ expectations and makes a positive contribution to helping them achieve their marketing goals. 

Digital transformation in pharma copywriting

Digital technologies have transformed the way pharmaceutical companies communicate with their stakeholders – and the way that we work.

At 42group, we’re at the forefront of this digital transformation, using commercial strategies, cutting-edge technologies and online channels to create content that’s informative, engaging and easily accessible.

Some of key digital marketing activities pharmaceutical companies should consider are:

  • SEO-optimised content: Pharmaceutical companies should ensure they use SEO best practices. This involves the strategic use of keywords, content optimisation and user-experieince improvements to increase visibility and rankings. As well as content optimisation, copywriters can help with essential tasks like creating titles, meta tags and other technical SEO aspects.
  • Content marketing: Pharmac companies should invest in content to improve the audience experience and create human connections. Digital content to consider investing in includes blogs, articles, infographics, and videos, to engage different audience segments. 
  • Social media campaigns: Social media platforms provide vital channels to create connections with your audience. Pharma businesses should select platforms where healthcare professionals and patients will engage. Copywriters can craft targeted campaigns that increase engagement and build a community to promote healthcare products and services.

This digital approach enhances the reach and effectiveness of our communications and provides measurable metrics that help refine strategies and demonstrate ROI to our clients.

Why partner with 42group for pharma copywriting?

42group has established itself as one of the UK’s leading healthcare and pharmaceutical copywriting agencies. We consistently deliver high-quality content that builds human connections with a range of audiences, including patients, clinicians, stakeholders, and partners. 

Here are some of the reasons to work with 42group:

  • Expertise and reliability: Our extensive experience in pharmaceutical communications and copywriting ensures that all content is expertly crafted, compliant with all regulations and delivered on time and within budget.
  • Tailored strategies: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each client receives a bespoke content strategy that addresses their specific challenges and goals, delivering for all core audiences. 
  • Proven results: Cur copywriting, content and digital strategies are effective in the real world, delivering measurable improvements in brand visibility, engagement and awareness.
  • Building human connections: At 42group, we go beyond platitudes and cliches to build human connections. It’s all about finding the right channels, copy and content mix to deliver tangible results. 

Creating better pharma content

Effective communication in the pharmaceutical sector can have life-altering consequences. That’s why partnering with a specialised pharma copywriting agency is critical. Every piece of content we create at 42group is written to exacting standards by subject matter experts to create human connections. 

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