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Copywriting that clicks with clinicians, patients, and the public

Healthcare copywriting is critical in capturing what makes your organisation, brand, or business unique. We search for stories that will resonate with your audience, whether that’s clinicians, patients, and the public. Our words are trusted by leaders in the NHS, independent care sector, medical device and pharma industries.

What we do

Healthcare copywriting isn’t a job for your average agency. Every piece of copy, whether it’s for clinicians, or patients and the public, must be accurate and evidenced as well as powerful and persuasive. Of course, there are strictures, rules and regulations that we must adhere to – something we’re committed to doing for all our clients.

At 42group, we’ve worked with a huge range of healthcare organisations, including the NHS, independent care sector, medical device and pharma industries. Our copywriting skills have helped launch new hospitals, promote drugs and discoveries, and raise awareness of new services.

Copywriting for patients requires a deep understanding of diversity, and the need to create clear and easy-to-understand copy that’s accessible for all. As well as our work with healthcare leaders, we regularly work with charities who deliver services, using the same approach to engage with hard-to-reach groups.

As well as being healthcare copywriting experts, we work with leaders in a range of sectors, which gives us a unique perspective. Our commercial credentials are clear, and we can bring the same customer focus and clarity to communicating about healthcare.

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Does your healthcare copy move people?

Copywriting is all about inspiring people. We can help find the words you need to directly reach your audience, engage them, and build human connections. The core of great copywriting (in healthcare and any other subject), it understanding your audience, including what motivates them and what matters.

We’ve been working with healthcare leaders for over a decade. Our work with the NHS has won awards, but more importantly, has helped to change lives. We’re proud of our collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands in the pharmaceutical and medical device market. What we’ve done for them, we can do for you.

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Healthcare copywriting FAQs

What is healthcare copywriting?

Healthcare copywriting is a catch-all term for any work we produce about your healthcare organisation, product, or service. This includes copywriting for a new product launch, creating leaflets, writing your website, and social media adverts. Basically, when we talk about medical copywriting, it can include any written content that relates to our business, organisation, or brand.

How is medical copywriting different to healthcare content?

Great question! It may seem like they’re identical, but we consider healthcare content to be transactional stuff (like blogs, whitepapers, and social posts). Medical copywriting covers promotional material, emails, websites, product copy and so on. The distinction is, for most people, purely academic. If you need healthcare copywriting or medical content, we’re the agency to call (or email as nobody calls anymore).

Do you work with the NHS?

Yes! We have a long history of working with the NHS, including several CSUs, NHS England, and other parts of the national health service. We understand that NHS’s commitment to quality copywriting and are experienced using the NHS guidelines. We have been an approved supplier to the NHS, and are happy to wade through thousands of forms, checks, and approval processes to be added to your team.

Have you done medical copywriting for the pharmaceutical industry?

Yes, we’ve worked with several of the world’s largest pharma businesses, providing both copywriting and content services. We understand the complex legal environment that pharmaceutical companies must navigate, as well as the need to break through to every patient or person.

Do you have an expert in-house team?

We have a strong in-house team with significant experience as healthcare and medical copywriters. We also have access to a range of associates, who we can bring in to collaborate with us on projects that require specialist knowledge. When you approach us with a job, we’ll discuss our approach with you and create a virtual team in partnership. You can have total confidence that your job will be completed by highly skilled individuals who understand all aspects of your projects.


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We’re always here to answer any healthcare content questions you might have. You can email us at: hello@42group.co.uk or call us on +441173694042.

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