Health content trends for 2024

Healthcare organisations looking to create content that connects with their audiences must understand the healthcare content trends that will define 2024. We believe that healthcare content in 2024 will focus on innovation, access, quality, and data security – and their impact on patient diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

In this article, we will explore some of the key content trends healthcare marketers should know about for 2024. The ability to identify trends is critical to creating content your audiences want to read and share.

Here are 42group’s healthcare content predictions for 2024.

Medtech, digital health, and AI innovation

Medtech, digital health, and AI innovation are key themes that will dominate content in 2024. Patients 

Cutting-edge developments like Artificial Intelligence (AI), telemedicine, and wearable health devices are redefining care and ushering in an era of personalisation.

  • AI in diagnostics and Treatment: AI’s ability to analyse large datasets is revolutionising diagnostics. Advanced algorithms can detect early signs of diseases such as cancer. They can also predict disease progression and patient outcomes. AI and machine learning are defining trends, but patients have legitimate concerns about data privacy and ensuring that humans remain in the loop when making healthcare decisions.
  • Telemedicine: The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine. The ability to get a diagnosis and support remotely is breaking geographical barriers and making healthcare more accessible. We’re seeing a growth in the number of providers offering services, but there are patient concerns about access. System providers are rightly worried that the push to digital could create a divide that could impact patient care.
  • Wearable health tech: Wearable healthech is already making an impact (I’m wearing a Garmin watch as I write this. Wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches empower individuals to monitor their health metrics in real-time. When coupled with apps, wearable devices can provide real-time monitoring and support for patients in a way that was simply impossible 10 years ago. The trend for wearable healthtech is pushing us towards a more preventive healthcare model where individuals can actively participate in managing their health. There are concerns about how reliable devices are, the security of the data they collect, and just how much clinicians can trust patients to do for themselves.
  • Personalised medicine: We can see healthtech and AI ushering in an era of personalised medicine.Advances in genomics are paving the way to developing treatments tailored to the individual’s genetic makeup. It’s the technology of the future, but a trend for today, but there are concerns around data protection and efficacy.

Healthcare access and quality

Tech advances are a key trend, but for many, access remains the biggest barrier to healthcare. In 2024, we’re likely to see this become a much bigger issue as we enter into an election year and the NHS becomes a key battleground for parties. 

  • Access to services: Waiting lists are growing to over a million, and many of us have to wait over a month for a GP appointment. Behind the scenes, critical services like pathology are in crisis with demand in excess of capacity. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the NHS is experiencing an unprecedented staffing crisis
  • Impact on outcomes: Delays to cancer diagnosis, for example, are claiming the lives of thousands each year. The difficulty accessing services impacts all patients and is a crucial content trend. Healthcare marketers should use this content trend to illustrate how their products, services, and solutions can help the NHS to increase efficiency and improve access and patient outcomes.
  • Public-private partnerships: Collaborations between the government and private entities are emerging as a solution to enhance accessibility –– but they’re highly controversial. Of course, these partnerships can – and do – lead to improved healthcare facilities, but they can impact the NHS brand. 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: This is less of a trend and more of a legal right, but in 2024, we’re going to see a greater light shine on access to services for marginalised groups. Content marketers must recognise the importance of DE&I and ensure content is accessible, inclusive, and targeted at all groups. 

Mental health awareness and resources

The importance of mental health is widely understood, with high-profile public campaigns highlighting the impact on individuals and populations. Positively, the stigma surrounding mental health is gradually being challenged by brave people and organisations –  leading to more open discussions and resource allocation.

Mental health services suffer from the same access issues identified above, so we’re not going to focus on that here. Instead, here are the defining content trends for mental health in 2024:

  • Online counselling and support: Technology has played a crucial role in mental health care. Online counselling and therapy apps offer more people access to support – but there are concerns over escalation and when a person needs professional help.
  • Workplace mental health: Employers increasingly recognise the importance of mental health in the workplace. We’re likely to see increasing support offered to employees, including assistance programs, mental health days, and workplace wellness programmes. In 2024, employers will be doing more than ever to support well-being.
  • Community-based initiatives: In 2023, we saw that grassroots movements and community-based programs play a vital role in supporting mental health. We’re likely to acknowledgement of their importance in awareness, prevention, and providing a support network for those struggling with mental health issues.

Global health challenges

Global health challenges like pandemics and climate change-related health issues are a massive issue for healthcare. We can’t predict the emergence of a new pandemic (nor would we want to), but digital marketers should be aware of the global context in healthcare content marketing.

  • Pandemic response and preparedness: The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stress test for the UK healthcare system – and the report card isn’t great. As the COVID-19 enquiry continues its work, we’re likely to see stronger calls for robust public health infrastructure, efficient disease surveillance systems, and global cooperation to avoid a new pandemic. 
  • Climate change and health: Climate change is the great unknown for the world, but rising temperatures could have a huge impact on the global healthcare system. The increased prevalence of vector-borne diseases, mass migration of displaced populations, and the impact of extreme weather are all healthcare trends to be watched. 

Data protection and security

Government policies and regulations play a pivotal role in shaping healthcare systems. From funding and legislation to regulatory oversight, policy decisions have far-reaching consequences.

  • Patient data safety: The healthcare system is increasingly adopting digital systems, which is improving care  – but increases the risk of data breaches. 2023 saw the NHS dealing with several instances where patient data was shared. As the NHS extends its relationship with partners like Palantir, patients will want assurance their data is safe and protected and not shared without their consent.

Translating trends into healthcare content

These trends are what we at 42group believe will define conversations around healthcare in 2024. 

Why does this matter?

Understanding and mapping the issues impacting healthcare in the UK, Europe, and globally enables us to develop content strategies that ensure our clients have something to say on the defining issues of the day.

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